Dear Julia

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Dear Julia,
We met online. You lived in Texas, I lived in Iowa.
Despite our distance, we seemed to be perfect for each other.
I had never actually seen your face except for in the thirteen or so profile pictures you had posted on your Facebook.
One day we decided to meet, remember? We talked about how perfect it would be. We’d go to the beach, we’d hang around downtown. Watch all of our favorite movies, and eat tons of fattening food. Maybe one day we’d get married, who knows?
We met about three weeks ago, right? You stayed for a week and a half, and your personality was as fantastic as it was online.
But your pictures were more than flattering….
As the week went on, I noticed more and more how you managed to stretch the word flattering, as you were maybe thirty or forty pounds heavier than your pictures had let on. You had a lot more acne. And things like your limp and your weird, twitchy eye are not things that translate to pictures.

This is why I’m leaving you. You shouldn’t have lied like that.


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  1. Avatar blindeinstein

    That gave me a good chuckle.

  2. Avatar dkscully

    Was it the lie or the looks that bothered him most? I can’t decide.

    This certainly hits the mark for crassness.

  3. Avatar ethelthefrog

    Seems a bit shallow to dump her because of weight (you don’t need body issues, really) and acne (which we all get), particularly if they are so very compatible.

    Well, that’s teenagers, I suppose.

  4. Avatar StudMuffin (LoA)

    It’s the lies, btw…..
    The lies that hurt him the most

  5. Avatar Nancy

    C’mon, it wasn’t 100% the lies. Let’s face it, physical attraction has a great deal to do with romance, right??

    I really like the way you attacked this challenge, but have one suggestion. It’s a little slow to start because you do more telling than showing. While I, the reader, don’t know about where they live, Julia and Ben certainly do (especially since she visited). So maybe change the beginning to show this without specifically stating it? I think that would really help.

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