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A pilot’s life doesn’t have many constants. It’s a lonely life; always flying from one place to another,but never stopping long enough to have real relationships.
Until Marie, the longest I’d kept a girlfriend was two months.
I’d been with Marie for 4 years.
And I was going to propose on her birthday, today.
I was taking the day off, so I could sweep her off her feet.
The tinny ring of my phone caught me off guard.
The caller ID named the caller as future wife.
Why was Marie calling me so early?
Our dinner reservations weren’t for another 3 hours.
I panicked. Something must be wrong if she’s calling me now. How little I knew..
“Steven, I need to talk to you,”Marie said. Marie asked,“Meet me at the Gazebo in 10?”
I didn’t suspect a thing. I just grabbed my coat, exited my apartment, and hailed a taxi to the Gazebo.
I paid the driver, and waved when I saw Marie.
She smiled, but it was a nervous smile.
“I need space. You’re a great guy, but I need a break.”Marie dumped me. She left.
I was alone again, naturally.

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  1. Avatar BiC

    Hmm. The lonely life continues. And I was happy for Steven for a moment, but then again, happiness is just a fleeting memory for some. Seems like a relationship with a pilot would provide a person more than adequate amounts of ‘space’, but you never know.

  2. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    Painful. Four years of your life is pretty serious.

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