Life! Beauty! The Suburbs! - Pt. 2

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I was among the first groups of people cleared to visit Earth, I guess that’s what a dad with power can do. As we approached the planet and saw the beautiful blues and greens, I wondered why we left here at all.

I catch myself smelling the flowers in the lawn, I imagined families with kids running through the jungle, parents smiling on the cracked porch. This natural paradise seems different than the large, cold cities I’ve learned about. How could anyone move to such a harsh place after seeing this?

Maybe it was an upper class thing.

I imagine showing my father this place, the place his dad promised him. I wish I could see his face as he opened his eyes to the American dream, tangible and materialized.

This is America, I think to myself, this is the place my grandfather promised.

I can see why he loved it so.

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    A few grammaer missteps but overall it paints a nice picture of how this person is reacting to the view, as well as quietly posing some questions about how things might have wound up this way.

  2. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    The character thinks so fondly of the earth left behind.. but surely someone in space does not. Did only the rich escape the planet? Is this a natural progression, or was there an inciting event that made them leave? Cleared to visit Earth makes me think there was a nuclear war and that it wasn’t just the rich wanted to live in space. or maybe they have their own government in a colony up there.

  3. Avatar BiC

    Ok, now it’s starting to feel like Wall-e :) Don’t get me wrong, I liked Wall-e and my kids loved it.

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