Free Wheeling - Pt 4 - The End

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Alice pulled the camera out of her sleeve and held it up to take a photo, but the battery symbol was flashing. The battery was nearly dead.

“Jay, the battery! It’s almost dead.”

“Hurry up and take a picture!” said Jane, exasperated.

Alice took one photo, then the camera screen went blank and the lens retracted back into the camera. The ghost of the dead man on a bicycle turned, saw them in the shrubs, then vanished.

The girls stood abruptly and ran back to Jane’s house, any worries about being caught completely forgotten, to look at the photo on her laptop. The photo was badly underexposed and only a faint outline, barely recognizable as a person on a bicycle, could be seen.

Jane sighed and rubbed her eyes with the heals of her hands, the stress of the last two hours floating away. “Well that figures. The spirit is wheeling, but the flash is weak.”

(The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak)

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    That was good and well worth the build up for the pun, and a lovely little bit of story in its own right even without the pun-tastic conclusion.

  2. Avatar As Large as Alone

    That was tremendous. I kept wondering and wondering. Swell! Even without the reveal at the end, it’s a good story and worth pursuing anyway. I like their relationship, too!

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