7. Cramped

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Space is limited here in the box. It reminds me of the other boxes I left behind. The bullies’ spaces, after dying.
Like this glass compartment, a viewing booth of sorts, their boxes were sterile, clean. So were their bodies. The ichor I left behind was sponged off by a hapless assistant. Their faces were likewise wiped clean of expression; their evil leers were gone, wiped off by myself so as to produce their grimaces of fear; I had anticipated that, planned it. I knew that finally fighting back would give them pause. Coffins are cramped.
I’ve been confined here for a good long while. Most of my memories of my old life of fear are gone, but the murders I committed are vivid still.
Emotions don’t fit here in my cockpit. Tantrums, sobbing, neurotic giggles have all been left behind me; this is the numbness of a terminal, but endless, depression.
The telephones still wring me, but since I know it’s useless to try to answer, I veered away in my mental jet, battle over.
Is it always so cramped for the pilot?

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    That was a little hard to follow. I liked the initial use of the tag word in the negative, as most people went with describing some large expance of open space and potential.

  2. Avatar JonB

    Suitably claustrophobic and continuing the Hellenic theme of previous installments (ichor isn’t a word that one comes across very often); also, extra points are awarded for the The telephones still wring me.

  3. Avatar As Large as Alone

    It was a bit of a stretch to add “pilot,” but I tried to sort of post-justify the allusion to the glass box as a cockpit in the sequel.

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