Last Year

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I know.
I know I said I needed sleep.
But I’m caught between the beat of your heart and my own.
You know,
I feel you as strongly as anything,
Or nothing.

Lost in the wind,
We were…

Where were we last summer,
Before the walls came crashing down?
And the world broke around our ears,
In tremendous silence?

God only knows,
I suppose.

We were nothing more than a smile and a whisper,
Something caught between subtle moments and,
The pixellation of black on white.
Whatever that means.

We were something bigger than the universe back then,
And even the atoms of our existences knew it.


Perhaps this town’s too big for us.
Perhaps this earth’s too big for us.
Perhaps last year was just a year when life was good for once.

I know.
I know I said I needed you.
But maybe I told life that lie,
Like I told you I needed sleep.
And maybe when I wake up,
Last year won’t just be a dream.

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  1. Avatar In Night's Arms

    I don’t really have much to add now though it is better this time, I agree.

  2. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Very sad piece but feels very realistic and honest as well. Nicely told.

  3. Avatar Writearound

    Excellent use of ‘know’ . People often use this word too offhandedly but here the piece examines what it really means to know and almost walks around the verb looking at it from every angle. I wonder if maybe in the first stanza ( I’m using this word rather than paragraph as it seems more appropriate) you might consider leaving a gap between any thing and no thing as then this would also take the commonplace words anything and nothing and make it more of an echo about the fundamental difference between a thing and a person and also leaves the rhyme echo between know and no quite strongly evocative…but that’s only a suggestion.
    This piece has a very strong feel about all those ‘what if’ or ‘perhaps’ moments. It’s interesting that you left out question marks as this does unclutter the work and doesn’t seem ungrammatical as the tone of the piece nudges us to understand these are not really questions but steps towards the real question of why.

  4. Avatar Kay-Teaze

    I think this is fantastic. Things that are “small” in life can be huge… and consuming. And what’s “big” is small.

  5. Avatar Tad Winslow

    This poem makes progress while wearing the same clothes it started in… if you will— that’s the closest I can come to describing what I really mean :) The narrator knows what she said, she needed sleep, she needed you (the person for whom this is for) but both seem to be untrue. In my mind she needed sleep because she was done with this person she said she needed, even if she hadn’t known it then. Just my take on it.

  6. Avatar Abby (LoA)

    You hit the nail on the head, Tad! Thank you all for your comments.