When is the right moment?

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He looked hurt. I sighed. This was to complicated. “What’s wrong?” He asked.
“I’m tired of this Jared.” I told him. “Tired of what.” He took a step towards me. I took a step towards him and hugged him. “This” I said to his shirt. He pulled away this time. “What?” I looked at him seriously. “You know I like you right?” I asked hugging him again. “Yeah”
“And you like me right”
“Yeah” he said again. “Then why do you do this?” I asked. He looked confused. “I feel like your mocking me. I like you and you like me. What are you waiting for?”
“The right moment.” he said. I looked up and stared straight into his eyes. “When will that be? You’ve had plenty of moments Jared.” Suddenly the door to my room opened and Megan and Bri walked in. They just looked at us. “Oh sorry, did we interupt, we can leave.” They turned to walk out the door. I looked at Jared one last time. “No” I said then turned and left the room with them. “What was that about?” Megan asked. “Nothing” I said. They shrugged. “Ok well we got movies!”

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Supposed to be together by Violet

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