Smurfette's New Bed

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Smurfette looked up from her taffeta gown. Handy walked in confidently. “Hey Smurfette, you look smurfy today.”
“Thanks, Handy,” she murmured demurely. One strap accidentally slipped off her shoulder. “Wanna try out my new Smurfy bed?” She walked over to a handle on the wall. Pulling on it revealed a plush bed with a pink mattress. She sat on it and kicked off her stiletto pumps. She wiggled her toes at him.
He wasted no time, scampering eagerly over to the mattress and undressing swiftly. He only barely had time to notice the plastic sheet covering the bed. Then Smurfette was upon him, smiling sweetly, but holding one of her shoes, heel downwards towards his heart.
I bet you didn’t know Smurfs bleed yellow. But that’s how it is.
Once she’d had her fill, Smurfette took off her soiled garments and tossed them onto the plastic sheet next to Handy’s body. The plastic sheet was wrapped around it all as the bed swung upwards.
“I like a good hand job,” she remarked as the body slid into the underground chute.

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    This didn’t work as a “Genre Superstar!” entry. ( Oh, well!

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