A Word on Tormaunts: A Footnote

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Readers may be curious about the tormaunt, being thus far unfamiliar with the creatures. I have heard that your world has none of these. Not wishing to leave you in the dark, I shall explain.
The thing that most people remember from their first encounter with a tormaunt is their face, something that has not yet been glimpsed in the above narration; I will let the characters’ impressions be yours too, and move on.
Tormaunts, in fact, are not gendered in the way that you’ve been trained to understand, and their manner of reproduction is a private matter. They can be affectionate with others of their kind and even with anyone, when in the mood, but intercultural mingling is unusual. Use singular “they/them” pronouns.
Their upper bodies feature a long, flexible neck and strong shoulders for the left and right arms, with matted hair in dappled patterns. They are physically powerful and they have willpower and charisma at need. They can walk upright, but move faster on all fives; the center arm is not for running.

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  1. Avatar remembrancer

    I’m not sure if it was meant to be this way or not but I thought the segment," and their manner of reproduction is a private matter" was quite funny. I would never have considered their reproductive processes until it was brought up and then to be told I wouldn’t hear anything about this idea I hadn’t originally considered made me very curious to know the reproductive manner of tormaunts. How sneaky.

  2. Avatar As Large as Alone

    I thought a lot about the series of stories here and figured a lot out. Now it’s a Grand Concept. You heard it here first: This takes place on one of the Beadworlds, and the series of stories will feature a lot about gender struggles and gender identity…both science fiction and fantasy.

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