The rise of Shadow

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I don’t remember the last time I was happy. I used to be a normal kid, until the day the borealis flared. The Northern Lights is what they used to be called, and they used to be viewed as a beautiful thing. Now they are viewed more as a curse. When you see the Lights, you know there is about to be a major change in the area around you.
For me, I was given the power to control and manipulate my own shadow. When I first found out, I used my power to play pranks, making people think that they were losing their minds. And then I stumbled upon a mugger.

“Give me your money, and no one gets hurt.” the man said, coming up behind me and pressing a knife to my throat. I raised my hands in a show of compliance.

“Back pocket, left side.” I said, silently summoning my shadow to grasp and restrain the mugger. “Too bad you won’t be able to spend any of the money.”

The mugger struggled against my shadow, but to no avail. “What are you?” he asked. I smiled at him “I’m Shadow, and you’re going to jail dirtbag.”

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  1. Avatar Escapist

    What a cool concept! I love how the normalcy of his life was set up, as well as how the curse of the Lights contrasted with the power of the shadow. It was subtle and very well executed!

  2. Avatar Steven Holden

    Nice, very nice. It, in a way, reminds me of a couple of scenes of the Amazing Spider-Man, where he used his powers to restrain the burglar, and had gained plenty of enjoyment from doing so.

  3. Avatar 32 ^2

    I like the concept a lot. I feel the introduction wasn’t needed, I would’ve enjoyed an entire story just on the one encounter, maybe a little more morbid, but your audience target may be tweens, then it works.

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