All Too Telling Failure of the Pre-Interview Interaction

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“Mr. Isaacs will see you now,” the receptionist chirped in her cutest business voice.

Rising and wiping sweaty palms down his pant legs, Roger attempted, “Th-that’s grantastic…er, great. It’s great. Thanks you.” He failed.

She stifled a giggle and shot him a grin.

Against all logic, Roger paused at her desk, arm resting on its high ledge, “You don’t like to eat lunch, do you? Wait! You wouldn’t…lunch. Shite.” He let his head drop while his hand beat a sullen rhythm on the counter top.

“You can start again if you like.”

Without looking up, he muttered, “I don’t suppose it bodes well for the job interview that I can’t even flounder through talking with the receptionist.”

“You’ll do fine. I’ve seen your resume.”

“Thanks…to you. Um, I guess I have one hope.”

“What’s that?”

“I might be okay if Mr. Isaacs isn’t as pretty as you.” He blushed as he said it and didn’t dare make eye contact.

“Don’t tell him I said so, but he’s hideous. You’re going to nail this.”

“Spanks…wait! Thanks!”

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    The word of the day is flounder.

  2. Avatar The Night Angel

    Very nice piece, I had to stifle a laugh or two. It captures the essence of the word rather well.

  3. Avatar remembrancer

    If Roger was a fish he’d be flopping around and hitting everyone in the face. Poor guy. Hopefully his nerves are truly based only on the attractiveness of his partner in conversation.

  4. Avatar Escapist

    I love how candid this is! It feels so genuine and is truly very funny. I loved reading this!

  5. Avatar Jack Anderson Keane

    I want there to be a kind of Before Sunrise/Sunset/Midnight type of thing built out of this.
    Really, I just want to read about these characters again…

  6. Avatar nuclearsubmarine

    haha this was hilariously lovely :D

  7. Avatar 32 ^2

    *Deleted comment, didn’t understand the challenge. Apologies.

  8. Avatar boxofun

    Great! I was wincing for the poor guy the whole time. The receptionist is unnaturally nice, though.