To He I Left Behind

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Dear brother,

I remember those nights when I beat you bloody and blue. You would cry and sniffle and shake, but after it was all done, you’d always cuddle up to my back and quiver from cold. I never offered you a bit of blanket, and you never used the one you had on your own bed.

Was it out of fear? Pity? Did you feel sorry for me? Hm? Or were you just clinging to the single, unwinding thread of a family we had?

I think that was it.

I pity you, brother. I pity the fact you were that pathetically desperate for any sort of shade of affection that you bent so easily to my will. Maybe under different circumstances I would’ve played the role of the good brother who protected you and held you up when you were falling, but you were just so weak I would have been a great fool to let the opportunity slip past.

I write you now to let you know my only regret with leaving you to die alone in the sand is the fact I didn’t drag it out longer

Forever your better half,


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  1. Avatar Escapist

    Wow, to me this says tough love gone WAY wrong and turned into something corrupted and hateful. What an interesting concept! I hope Vincent’s brother finds his strength to get away from this toxic relationship.

  2. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Brutally and unrelentingly dark. Nicely told in a disturbing voice.

  3. Avatar Serena June

    Definitely disturbing. I like the ambiguity in terms of Vincent’s age – is he a grumpy old man, reminiscing on his past, or an overly-dramatic young adult?

  4. Avatar Jim Stitzel

    Actually, there’s a fair bit of ambiguity as to who’s going to die here — Vincent or his brother. Cold, brutal, and chilling, and very well-written.