Precious Lamb

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“Dear Olivia,

By the time you’ve found this, I’ll be gone, and so will everyone else. The Reptilian is yours. Keep yourself out of trouble for me. The wolf’s ring is on my desk, in case we don’t come back. Said he wanted you to have it.

Love you, darling."

Tears left eyes of deep sapphire as delicate fingers crushed her father’s note. A gun rested, spent, in her other. Her dress was spattered with crimson. A few drops had made their way to her pale cheek, which creased with a soft smile.

“Sorry, Daddy,” she said quietly. Her words echoed in the still warehouse. “Your…little lamb, ain’t so innocent anymore.”

She cast the note over her shoulder as she began to walk, heels clicking, stepping with ease over the dead bodies of her father’s rivals. She kissed her wolfie’s ring on her finger as she passed his corpse, glancing at him and giving a small wink.

“Hope I done you proud,” the lamb said as she stepped into the moonlight.

The door creaked shut behind her.

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