Hivelings Pt. 2: Apprehension

Avatar Author: RobbieNexus I'm kinda an oddball, to be honest. I do like reading and writing vore stories of all kinds, though when writing I tend to stick with my original characters. I also like roleplaying and various games, such as Minecraft or... Read Bio

Cassidy stood anxiously at the bus stop, awaiting the arrival of the school bus. She had her black hair tied back in a ponytail, and a white backpack was slung over her shoulder.

She was nervous. Being a Hiveling, she wasn’t entirely human. Specifically, she had a set of bee wings on her back that, currently, were buzzing nervously. She also had a bee abdomen, complete with stinger, sticking out of the back of her pelvis.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of an engine. She looked to her left and saw a bus pulling up. It came to a stop and opened its doors.

Cassidy took a deep breath, and stepped in.

The doors shut behind her and the bus began to move again.

“Well, what do we have here?”

Cassidy turned and saw the bus driver eyeing her. “Um, hello,” she said nerously.

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Inspired by

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