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If you see me holding my throat tight, as if I’m choking, I’m not, so sit down and relax. You see, I’m afraid and I’m trying to stop my heart from leaping out of my mouth.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve swallowed? For me it was a speck of truth followed by gulping down lies. A spoonful of truth tastes so good, it’s so sweet and fragrant, it can mask a gallon of lies.

When I see a bald man, I assume he’s lead an exiting life, so exciting his hairs got tired of standing on end, so they decided to abandon ship.

Why do we say people “grow fat” but not “grow skinny”. Why do we say someone “became” something, as in “turned into”, there’s not that much magic in the world.

What have you done for yourself lately?

I once had a dog…

I once had a friend…

It’s growing dark outside. I tried to grow dark once but I wasn’t bright enough to figure it out. Now I’m left in the dark.

FADE, that’s the word I’ll use.
Fade Dark. Fade Bright.
Fade to Black. Fade to White.
Fade Left. Fade Right.
Fade Out, of Sight.

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  1. Avatar Tad Winslow

    Yes! The variety of thought is wonderful as is the ending— it ties into what you’re saying and closes very EAR friendly :) I approve. Let it flow.

  2. Avatar Zen Brau

    Very interesting. Actually reminded me a bit of good ole George Carlin.

    I’m glad this showed up on the archived stories, now.