Noir: Well Pleaded Spot

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Wear something nice. Wear something nice. Demmit, you don’t pay me enough to wear something nice. I stuffed my indignation while I stuffed my only white shirt back into my faded slacks. Getting into the Topaz was going to be enough of a struggle without fuming about my lot in life.

My pocket watch, battered though it was, faithfully informed me it was 6:57 as I approached the goon at the door. I could smell the cheap cologne at once.

We made eye contact, him looking perilously down at me. He sized me up in 2 seconds flat and rendered his opinion with a puff of condescending air, as if his monkey suit hadn’t been bought for him.

“Alright,” I said weakly, hands up, “I ain’t no upper-cruster. All I wanna’ do is shuffle in, sit at the bar, and order drink after drink. Come on, do I look like a guy who’s going to make any fuss? Just a spot at the bar is all I ask.”

It must have been a slow night; he waved me in. For once in my life I uttered a prayer of thanks for looking so milquetoast and soft.

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  1. Avatar JonB

    Milquetoast indeed – I had to go scuttling off to my American English dictionary for that one; such a richly descriptive word, and perfect for Tugger.

    He’s such an endearing character – bet he isn’t as soft as he looks though. And the timestamp, I think, helps to hold these stories together quite effectively.

  2. Avatar contin

    Saw August 2nd’s story and went back to read the whole series. Think this is fantastic, like the way the choice of words contribute to the characterisation

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