Ascension: Triumph and Disaster

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I nodded assent, and he spun the tablet to show me a contract so classified I had to be temporarily granted clearance to read it. I hesitated, just a little.

“What will happen to me?”

“Publicly? Your injury developed complications that meant you couldn’t be treated locally, but were taken off-world to an orbital clinic for an extended period. We’ll work out a longer-term story later. For now, we’ll get you briefed and on an outbound transport.”

Namassar herded me towards the door, keying it open and gesturing me outside -

I somehow noticed the flicker of movement in the corner of my eye early, instinctively shielding myself with the robotic arm. The baton deflected off the aluminium frame, and I managed to grab it out of their hand.

“Stand down, soldiers! Recruit Reckall, this is Master Sergeant Hart, who will be your supervising officer.”

We stared at each other a moment longer, then Hart cracked a smile.

“Good to meet you in person, Reckall. Heard a lot about you.”

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Very cool moment, with a solid action-sci-fi feel throughout.

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