The Destruction of David (1)

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David glanced down at his bare feet as the blue liquid flooded the tank he stood in. It had the consistency of glue, and felt cold. Very cold, as if it was seeping into his bones, freezing him from within.

The rest of his squad stood outside the tank, their faces impassive. Along with the instructor, they were there to watch, to witness him pass the test, or fail.

The liquid continued to rise, and David began to pant. He was so cold. His mind spun, recalling his training, and he closed his eyes before he was completely submerged. In the darkness, his mind and body succumbing to the cold, a voice sounded in his head. Breath, the voice said. Breath, David. He shook his head. To breath was to die. You’re dying anyway, the voice whispered.

Before he could stop himself, David opened his mouth and breathed deeply. Liquid fire shot into his chest, charring his lungs. His eyelids shot open, and molten light seared through his eyes and into his brain. He screamed, or tried to, before blackness enveloped him.

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    It does not sound like he’s doing very well on the test. Solid writing, and I like the sci-fi setting without a lot of exposition, just this guy’s experience of it.

  2. Avatar JonB

    Or alternatively, he’s passed with flying colours.

    A vivid scene, unfussily written – just good storytelling.

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