Awkward... Raffle

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“Our last item tonight… Almond moisteriser, Almond lip balm and Almond Dry shampoo!”
I stared at the item that the host was holding up while his helper rummaged in the glass bowl filled with paper tickets. Silently I prayed that mine was ellusive. Last thing I wanted was Almond anything, let along Almond lip balm. I cringed at the thought. Please don’t call out my ticket, please don’t call out my ticket.
“Number ninety-one!”
I glance down at my ticket and see sixteen stare back. YES! Not my ticket, some other smuck was going to be landed with the bogey prize for a change.
I sit back and relax, sipping at my coke. Waiting for the unlucky sod to take the walk of shame to collect it.
“Number ninty-one anyone?”
George leans over and glances at my ticket. “Well go on then.”
“Go on what?”
“Go and get your prize.”
“It’s not my number.” I show it to him. “See, sixteen!”
“Mate, you’re ticket’s upside down.”
He spins the ticket round and 91 leers at me. “See, you won!”

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  1. Avatar Escapist

    This series is so candid and painful in such an immediate way. It’s brilliant, keep it up!

  2. Avatar JonB

    Well observed and suitably cringy. Like Escapist says, this is a very enjoyable series.

    Keep an eye on those tenses – you start off in past, then switch to present.

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