Room of Renewal

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The area was vast and open, though I could still see walls in the distance, and not nearly as foggy on this side. The air was comfortably warm but not hot and smelled of fresh flowers. Dotting the scene were several nearly round pools carved out of smooth brown stone. Some waters bubbled like fountains, others were serene and still. A pair of stylized wooden bridges arched over a squiggly closed loop river. Paths cut through the dense foliage that covered the ground with thick vines and broad fan-shaped leaves.

Stacked next to a wicker barrel were fluffy white towels. Mounted along the wall were a row of shower heads.

The middle was much brighter than the area around it. Looking up, I saw that an enormous skylight had been rolled back, revealing fluffy clouds and a clear sky so blue it almost hurt to look at it.

I didn’t see any people but I did see a tray heaped with food. Above a half a dozen croissants, a spiral of vegetables, and a mix of cold cuts and cheese was a sign that read EAT ME!

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  1. Avatar Jae

    This is shouting Alice. Sounds like a nice place, but there is always a concern when a room is meant to be full if people and is not.

    Paragraph 3, line 1. You’re missing something, possibly a noun referring to the room.

    Glad to know our House has not been completely abandoned.

  2. Avatar Robert Quick

    Thanks! Patched but not fixed until I figure out what I want to go there.

  3. Avatar PuniPuni

    You used fluffy twice in quick succession but otherwise wonderful imagery!

    Do not eat that croissants!!

  4. Avatar Zen Brau

    Alone, this piece does have a Wonderland feel to it. After catching up with the first piece, though, I’m getting more of a Spirited Away mixed with Silent Hill feel.

    Very interesting read.