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Mortals were pathetic.

Sable had died easier than he would have expected, despite her whole demon bond thing. A sword through the heart ended it all in a single night, leaving a battered and bloodied corpse in his arms while he wept. Ponyboy, peh. He had been weak from the start. Sure he survived the horrors of the lab he had been so violently tortured in, but he was weak! Reeve had smelled it on him like the attack dog he was the second he laid eyes upon him. Ponyboy had tried – oh, so adorably so – to be strong and act like a big boy. But Reeve had seen through the charade.

Still, he wept over his battered body, too.

It was Willow all over again. Terrible things happened to the ones the god of Void cared about. He blamed his mother – or, did. Blaming Chaos was stupid and childish. Instead he just loathed her; loathed her for making him this way, so unlucky so-


And so, lonely and cold, the god of Void sat in his hole and rotted.

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