Wedding Jitters

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Cambourne Cathedral was beautiful in spring, there was no doubt. Boris emerged from the limousine first and the wedding party followed. Quite a sight to see all the marvelously adorned bridesmaids and ushers standing on the stately steps of the cathedral.

“You are new in town, right?” Came a tap on his tuxedo from behind. “My name is Sonya, Sonya Hemingway.” The stunning redhead made a small bow and looked longingly into Boris’ eyes.

“Umm, my pleasure Sonya,” He was immediately stricken by her beauty, “I am new here, just 1 month actually.”

“Oh, my and you find yourself in the wedding party of the decade, how is that?” She leaned into him, almost uncomfortably close, he could smell her intoxicating perfume.

“Yes, yes that is strange isn’t it. It is not my family though, it is my girlfriend’s cousin who is the bride.”

“Wonderful! I love weddings, I am a hair stylist and I adore the attention.”

Heather arrived. “Who is this Boris?”

“Um Sonya.”

“Oh. Hi Sonya”

“Hi, Boris is my brother. You are?”

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Comments (3 so far!)

  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Cute and dripping with mysterious potential. The ending took me a bit to follow, but I think Sonya is pretending to be Boris’ sister for funsies?

  2. Avatar JonB

    A nice setting and lively little scene although, like THX, I’m not entirely sure what is happening at the end.

  3. Avatar Drake West

    How it reads can be interpreted in different ways. Damn Ficly character limit. My thought was she is surprising both of them with the truth that Boris does not even know.

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