Terence and the Tormaunt: Assumption Shattered

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Moving with smooth deliberation, the Tormaunt moved one of their legs forward, so that the foot was by Terence’s right forearm. The Tormaunt’s right leg knelt by Terence’s hip. It reminded Terence of the posture of one who was about to propose marriage to their lover—but when he, startled slightly by the movement, made as if to rise, the Tormaunt’s center arm and leg restrained him. Indeed, the center hand patted his chest comfortingly, as a parent might soothe a frightened child.
The remarkable eyes were still intent on a spot above Terence’s hairline; they seemed to be waiting for something to happen. Then Terence’s attention was drawn to the lower part of the Tormaunt’s face, the portion where Terence had previously assumed the Tormaunt had a long chin with a velvety beard. But now, under the wide mouth, the “beard” started to extend toward him, splitting down the middle, and Terence knew that he was about to learn something new about the Tormaunt.
He felt as if he should have been afraid, but he was not.

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He did not know if the Tormaunt was intelligent as the people he knew were intelligent, or only as a bright pet might be. They seemed to be i...

Terence and the Tormaunt: Scrutiny by As Large as Alone

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