Limerick Cycle 2: Vitamin C vs. the Saucers (3/3)

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But then out of the shadows came Relph:
He’s the biggest. I soiled myself!
As he opened his mouth,
I turned tail and ran south—
For to him, I was small like an elf.

I had failed to fell Relph the bug,
But my friendly pal alien’s mug
Stepped right up to the baddie,
And shouted, "Hey, laddie,
“Here’s some OJ. Drink up, have a slug!”

And he dumped the juice out of his tumbler,
Quite distressing that menacing mumblr,
Who dissolved in a puddle,
Resolving my muddle;
Believe me, I couldn’t feel humbler.

End of story; it’s worked itself out,
Though there’s more of ‘em coming, no doubt.
Best protect yourself, mate.
I’ve got limes; buy a crate!
Get some zest! Grab a pulper! Be stout!
Purchase tamarinds, too, pal. Don’t miss out!
Don’t be ascorbic acidless!
Keep your life placid. Lest
Peskertons eat you! Dish out!

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Inspired by

There were twenty-four saucers that landed. They destroyed all the citrons I’d planted. And then portals ripped open As I stood there &...

Limerick Cycle 2: Vitamin C vs. the Saucers (2/3) by As Large as Alone