Noir: Clunk It Goes Again

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The floor at the top of the stairs is covered with broken glass. There seems to be a lot of it in my life. This batch used to be the frosted glass window of Otellio’s office; it looks smaller, more vulnerable, now. Shards crunch and splinter under my shoes.

Through the broken window, I see Vincenzo slumped in the plush leather chair that always seemed too big for him. He looks like a man who’d lost his wife and his business in one night. Two bottles stand guard on his desk blotter, while a third one patrols the floor on its side. We two friends regard each other, one from the booze world, the other from the dope world; not that different.

“’s beau-ful place, an’ ah’ll fix it,” Vincenzo states.

Jefferson is behind me. “The new license upset him. Will you take charge, just for tonight?”

I glance at the ledger shelf; it’s empty. “Vinny! Where are the books?”

“In-a safe. DiSibio. Said so.”

“Let’s put him to bed.” I go next-door and pull down the Murphy bed.

From the kitchen, I hear raucous cheering.

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  1. Avatar Pablo Vilas

    Yeah, it’s dark. To contrast with the good stuff we’re going to write to save him.

  2. Avatar Drake West

    Oh wow, didn’t see that coming. The whole business license thing…

    I think I need to rekindle Otellio with a few posts. I will blend it in with all that has happened this month. I have been busy with my blog and my new story.

  3. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Dark times but nicely told. Feels palpably real in terms of their connection via addiction and how hard Vincent is taking it.

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