The Madd Hatter: Part 2

Avatar Author: Ulfr I am a writer. A writer of love, of light, of darkness, of heavy heart. I enjoy the darker side of stories, but I also love a healthy side dish of light-heartedness. I will rate occasionaly but not consistantly. I hope yo... Read Bio

I sat down behind my workbench, lit my pipe, and grabbed my newest project. The top hat stood almost twenty-four inches, the top flaring to a staggering sixteen. The phonograph played “Falling” by a woman that called herself “Le Lapin Blanc”.

I uncapped the glue, the mercury fumes rushing to my head. A sensation that no longer bothered me. Now the hard part, finding the right ornaments and decorations to fit. The standard leather hat band just didn’t seem right. The peacock feathers and the red silk sitting nearby caught my attention. These would be perfect.

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Five years ago, I sat in a small two story building in London. The rain fell hard on the cobblestone street, and pitter pattered on the windo...

The Madd Hatter by Ulfr