To The Bearer of Bad News

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He turned uncertainly to leave only to stop short at the immediate and unmoving presence of one of the Queensguard. He froze, realizing the error of his actions.

The Queensguard spoke in a low rumble.

“You saw nothing today. You gave your message to the door guard and left. You did not see the Queen, her Highness did not see you. Is that clear?”

“Y- yes, of course.”

“You will not speak of this to anyone. If you do, you may expect a swift and painful death. Now leave.”

“I need to make a report to-”

“Swift and painful. Leave.”

The guard wheeled around and resumed his position opposite the door attendant, who swung the door shut behind him.

Breathing heavily, cloak wrapped tighter around him, he stepped back out into the rain.

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  1. Avatar Princess Binky Lemontwist (LoA)

    Oooooh nicely done! Thanks for the sequel! :D

  2. Avatar Escapist

    This is very exciting, I’m intrigued! Good work from both authors.

  3. Avatar JonB

    I like the matter-of-fact guard’s frank appraisal of the fate that awaits him if he talks: standard death – swift and painful. That’s probably the standard line.

    Nicely building on the intrigue of the original.

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