The Void's Driftwood

Avatar Author: Ford Dent Ford's name isn't actually Ford, but for the purpose of discussion we'll assume it is. He's not published anywhere, not yet. He will probably claim to still be unpublished after the fact so as to keep a hold on his stre... Read Bio

The ship hung like a dead thing in space, devoid of any signs of life beyond the guttering glow of running lights that were in the process of losing power. It was anyone’s guess to how long the ship had been there, drifting in the void between worlds, silent and stone cold. The sheer vastness of space had kept the ship hidden, and the complete lack of any transmissions from the hulk all but eliminated the chance of anyone ever locating its position. It was as if the ship had vanished, and despite its size, the void was so much larger that its presence in the larger scheme of things had gone completely unnoticed.

Despite its anonymity to the universe at large, it was still very definitely there, real and solid and taking up space (though a very small amount of space). Its presence, such as it was, could make itself known.

Which, when the alarm went off in Rachel’s cabin, screeching a proximity warning that jerked her out of bed and sent her sprinting down the tunnel to the cockpit, is what it did.

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Comments (2 so far!)

  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Fun stuff and a solid job establishing the mood and atmosphere of total isolation. I liked the push/pull of the ship being massive but still utterly dwarfed by space.

  2. Avatar JonB

    Effective mood-setting, though it feels like there’s a bit of repetition of the big ship / bigger void stuff at the start. A solid beginning in any case.