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More lovely eyes I’ve never seen
Than hers that fade pale blue to green
Those gentle eyes that glimmer deep
And harbor such a tender strength

Nor a sweeter countenance found
Than the face that from which sounds
A voice my heart glad quickens to hear
Tones full of vivacious cheer

I long to caress that lady’s cheek
Soft and satin, might our lips meet
Did I fold my arms about her frame
In breathless gasps worship her name

Slow, draw her body to my chest
Embrace the one that I love best
Trail passionate kisses now unchecked
On her mouth and down her neck

Hands entwining through her hair
One breath, heartbeat, and space we share
Blood rushing, burning hot inside
Face flushed, I bend to meet her eyes

I could lose myself inside that gaze
In her company all of my days
She owns my heart, given free
While I wait for her, I wait gladly.

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    Wow! I will miss writings such as these. Especially from a dear -once friend