Senior Year

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“Hey” I said, heartfelt but helpless, as Laura slipped out from the crowded apartment and onto the porch. She just smiled and quickly lit a cigarette, before taking a seat on the wobbly plastic chair next to mine. It was getting cooler, the late September chills were beginning to take over, but still pleasant.

“John’s being such a dick.” Laura whimpered, taking a drag and then motioned and offer towards her box of Camels, which I gladly accepted.

“He’s got a lot on his mind, everyone’s been a little weird since the whole…” I trailed off slowly, glimpses of my old friend flashed in my mind. Her smiling face, her outgoing attitude. I lit my cigarette and took a hit before continuing “…the whole Kelly thing happened.”

Laura looked towards her feet and didn’t say a word. Inside, the sounds of the party were dueling our thoughts.

“Excited for our last year?” I asked optimistically, attempting to salvage the moment between us.

“Yeah.” she said as she faked a smile and flicked her cigarette.

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  1. Avatar joca02

    Great story! The dialogue and visualization conveyed a lot and it made me feel for these students facing tough times.

    The only place of improvement that I can spot is the “but still rather pleasant” bit. It’s a small hiccup on the overall flow of the story.