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So, these are just a few things I’ve been thinking
while I traced our actions, slowly sinking.
You screamed and cried while I was left asleep.
As my eyes adjusted to morning light,
there wasn’t much that I had seen.
Just your outline against my sheets,
and a note, “vous me détruit.”

The months went on, I did my best
to regain what little I had left.
And still you wanted back from me,
what I had stolen from your chest.
Though long ago I left it somewhere
between debts unpaid, dreams cut short,
long before you left your mind,
turned your body to a fort.

I sat there in my bedroom,
where we once had danced so eagerly.
Only now the music hasn’t stopped,
instruments flow quite freely.
Without measurement of time,
or care of fitting harmony.
The drumline’s skewed,
guitars untuned,
shredded vocals are un-queued.
All that’s left I have to say
to cry out aloud “you did this to yourself.”
If you could only hear me,
if you could only speak.

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  1. Avatar soup

    So this was originally a song I wrote, and just wanted to post it here. I had to take out the chorus to make it fit, which is:

    I tried to understand the things
    you accused so desperately.
    I sought refuge in the darkness,
    you were sitting next to me.

    Secondly, can anyone that knows French tell me if the line “vous me détruit” translates right? It’s supposed to say “you destroyed me”, but I haven’t studied French in years so it’s probably a little messed up.

  2. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Has a nice rhythm and flow to it—reads easily.

    French verbs are always problematic. One option would be, “vous m’avez detruit.” That would be “you have destroyed me.” Another option would be the ‘simple past’ tense, “vous me detruisites.” Keeping in mind all those first ’e’s in the verb need an accent, and in the simple past version there is a hat symbol over the second ‘i’.

    Yes, it’s a complicated language—several years speaking it, and I had to double check all that…and could still be off by a bit.