Color Was Born

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Colorless beings stumbled upon jumping from
one meteor to the next.
“Don’t fall, or you’ll be lost forever into the darkness.”
Individually, one would
look down at her gray arms
and weep.
Her veins glistened with something.
Something special…
Nebula floated, waiting to be sliced open,
like a formless fruit anticipating it’s demise.
No one special or particular grew her nails
and while hopping from one meteor to the next scratched the surface of
the starry nebula.
Crying and steaming,
color was born and burst heat.
A swirl of scarlet clouds and
sapphire beads spilled into the darkness and lit it up.
And behold!
A sun shined from below
and the creatures were warmed.
She looked down at her skin again
and purple and green underneath told her
she was alive.
She felt so alive! More alive than ever before!

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  1. Avatar ElshaHawk (LoA)

    Definitely a birthing, and on many levels. Her own, the world, and something in space. It’s light and colorful and artistic.