can't bring you down.

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it’s okay because no matter what you do, no matter what girl or guy shoots you down
or rejects your number at a party or a bar won’t remember your face in a year.
the job you lost wasn’t bringing you anywhere and you won’t be remembering
how terrible you feel in a few months time. it’s okay because we can take comfort
in every decision we make now because the choices we make are the outcomes we want.
the people we keep close and the people we keep exiled far away.
the world will destroy us, and you, and them, and me, and in some blinding flash of light
you’ll remember for split millisecond every day you wasted thinking about something
that meant nothing, every time you could have been being happy
or enjoying what little time we have here
was wasted.
and in the millisecond, as if it really matters, you will realize it was all for nothing.
i don’t want to exist in that millisecond.
i don’t want to let the world destroy me.
i want the world to finish me.
i want the world to call me back out for applause.

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