Ascension: Knock Knock, Who's There?

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“Then we hit him with the Bubble Gum and immobilized him, God I love that stuff-”

“Unit Alpha – 7, respond to The Toronado, we are getting a Sev 1 alert from the penthouse.”

Lieutenant Wilcox of the PONY LawEn Air Patrol executed a hard left banking turn over the Hudson River and headed back toward the East Side.

“Roger that, Sev 1 alert? Send video?”

“Sending now.” The cockpit TacVid showed the top of the Toronado Tower with red flashing dots indicating hostiles or unknowns. Wilcox and Stromm studied the situation as their air unit approached.

“500 meters out, noting hostiles on roof and in the unit. Trying to connect to audio and video feeds.” Another touch of the control panel and Stromm patched in.

“Please, please stop! Oh God! What do you want…” Came Shwartz’s panicked voice. The video was blocked by smoke in the apartment.

The Air Unit approached the roof with a defensive fly by and was met by a shoulder launched SAM. A direct hit to the cockpit sent it plummeting down to Park Avenue.


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  1. Avatar Pablo Vilas

    Now I’m confused. I thought the distress call was fake?

  2. Avatar Drake West

    well then I am doing a great job and keeping things intriguing.

  3. Avatar JonB

    Great, action-packed scene with a sense of realism to it (I love the opening dialogue).

    Presumably all the smoke and SFX is just part of the sham.

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