Airships: Meeting Vespertine

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“Vespertine’s?” Elletra asked, tilting her head so she could see Hawkeye’s face.

He smiled wistfully at her, “An old friend. My sisters went through a phase where conventional dresses were… impractical for our daily activities. Vespertine’s was the only place that would make the dresses that could endure my sisters’ vigorous endeavors.”

Seeing his expression as he pondered on some undisclosed childhood memory made her wonder more about his past. His past had made him into the man that sat next to her now, and she couldn’t help but wonder at the parts of his history that she didn’t know about.

“We’re here, sir.” The driver announced, pulling up to a tall cylindrical building hidden in the night’s shadows.

“I warn you, he is known to be… indecorous.” Hawkeye chuckled as he led her through the alley next to the building & knocked loudly on a rusty door.

Elletra was about to ask what he meant when the door was shoved open & the skinniest man she had ever seen greeted them with a steady stream of curses.

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