Times A Changing

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The stars in the east were always the brightest. I never forgot the times spending my days at the local tavern, lighting up the crowd with a little jingle. I would leave the place where I made my living, and go towards the local park to look up in the skies and lose myself in its beauty. I never knew times would change so quickly; the tavern became a strip mall; my home is now a building for the working man. The times have gone, and the stars have faded away. Now there is nothing to look up at, but planes and the fog from the factory up past into the next town who as well faded away. Now I grow old, sitting in my chair thinking about Charles. The man who made me a fortune; who now resides in the town’s cemetery, I was beside myself when he came to me with foolish ideals that would always turn out to be a adventure to remember for a lifetime. How I remember the young, and the old. How now I rest my weary eyes, I lay down to rest my soul. As I move swiftly threw the skies, I remember all the times I spent.

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