The Love Of The Crime Series

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Is all I could think of.
I was a week into my new job as the local sheriff, and now am left to burying a kid. I am left to look upon to bring justice to an early end to a kid that should have lived till his elder years. All I was left with was a back bumper of a vehicle with the kids blood smeared all over. No witness has come forth for more then a week of the accident; I’m left with a decision. To close the case, or chase a ghost that may be the person next to me buying an apple. You can truly never know if the person next to you, could murder another human.
As I shout to the skies up above from the place I stood watching as they lay the young boy to rest.
As my heart thumped in pain
As my mind racing back and forth
I am left with a case
That has no outcome
If the people chose to stay quite
The boy will lay to rest without revenge to be done
Parents left with injustice
I am left with the cold beating heart of the boy
Is their no end to the cycle of life?

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  1. Avatar Katie Kim

    Wow. iI enjoyed the series, though the last one was a little different. It also seemed more like bits and pieces more than a flowing piece, but they were all interesting and somewhat captivating. I say, well done.

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The Love Of The Crime Series - Never Look Back by Francis James

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