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The moment of shear and utter silence that followed, although only lasting for two seconds at most, was pure hell. I could think of nothing more to say to them. Finally, my mother opened her mouth.

“That’s not the way God wants it to be,” she mumbled under her breath.

“But, I’m finally happ-” I tried to protest before getting cut off.

“Get out,” she growled. She opened the door and pointed down the stairs.

I had lost my battle. All that time of confusion and depression as a child, all those years of fear of revealing who I truly was to my own parents, all the preparation and thought I had put into this visit, all the courage it took…it was all worth nothing. Failure resounded through the silence, shooting straight to my heart as I got up and walked towards the open door, until I heard my father say something from behind me.

“Damn lesbian,” he said through gritted teeth.

I stepped through the doorway and continued down the stairs until that god damn appartment was nowhere in site.

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  1. Avatar i, Coomber

    Should it be ‘could have’ in the first paragraph, instead of ‘of’?

    Apart from that, really well written.

  2. Avatar dkscully

    Very well done. You’ve conveyed a lot in the few words allotted.

    I’m left wanting to reach out and tell the protagonist that the failure is not hers. She has succeeded. She’s been courageous and is being who she wants, who she needs to be, which can be the hardest thing in this world. That courage is worth everything.

    Her parents are the ones who have failed. Failed to be open-minded, supportive, tolerant and, most of all, loving.

  3. Avatar Browncoatben

    The tone is so personal and the hurt seems so real. Very well done and accurate to what a log of LGBT kids are going through.

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