Playing the Cards

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Her mother’s lips were pursed as she entered the Conservatory that was unknown to anybody that didn’t have the clearance from the Queen herself.

“Dear, where have you been?” The severe-looking woman glanced at the Princess through her customary Tyrian purple veil.

“The gardens. Trying to forget what happened this morning.” She replied, hoping her mother would bite.

“Yes… Dabrose has apparently gone missing after there was an attempt on his life. Probably by the thieves who have stolen the Bender’s Key.”

She feigned shock silently thanking her mother for coming up with an excuse for her. “Do you think the thieves have kidnapped him instead?”

The Queen shook her head, “I think Dabrose may have been one of the thieves. Playing both sides. I have recently discovered that he has falsified records of his life in Qerradith.”

This made her pause. That must be a lie as well. She refused to believe otherwise.

“It seems, Phaedra, that Dabrose had been planning this from the start.” The Queen sighed.

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