Memory is Like Water Carried in Cupped Hands

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An uncomfortable tingling ran across my shoulders and up the back of my neck; the sensation of insects crawling across my grave.

“Where did he go? People don’t just disappear!” I didn’t quite shout.

The girl looked away and said softly, “People disappear all the time. We just don’t notice.”

“What does that mean?”

“Nevermind. What I meant to say is that this is a park. Whoever he was probably just continued hiking or whatever. Plus there are trees everywhere.”

I didn’t like it but she did have a point. “I’m sorry. Like I said I’m a little weirded out right now. My name is—”

I broke off in mid-sentence, perplexed. Who was I? I couldn’t remember. Scrabbling for any memory, I tried to think back but it was like trying to pull reflections out of a pond. I remembered growing up on St. Helen’s Street, outside of Redding. I remembered my mom’s face and the smell of peanut-butter cookies. A dog named Cliffy. An older sister named Alexandria, after the Great Library.

But who was I and what was I doing in a park?

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  1. Avatar JonB

    Firmly in the ‘mysterious amnesic’ genre. like trying to pull reflections out of a pond is nicely descriptive of evanescent memory, and echoes the title in a satisfying way, whereas the sensation of insects crawling across my grave. is suitably horrible and vivid.

  2. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Cool moment and very nicely told. I liked the scattering of random intact memories.

  3. Avatar Miz Em

    Wow! This had me shuddering from the insects and questioning what had happened to the girl to defeat her so. The memory loss was a surprise and I loved your description.

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