Ascension II: Prisoner

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Several minutes passed before the screen lit up again.

What next? thought Yrtl, before it appeared once more – if anything, more lined and craggy, but definitely the same face.

“Hello?” Yrtl ventured. “I think I lost you for a moment.”

“What?” the stranger rasped, staring at him intensely. “Oh yes – I remember. I was speaking to you, some years ago.”

“Years?” echoed Yrtl, “It was just a moment ago.” Poor guy – mind’s totally gone. And still they make him work.

“Forgive me,” he replied, “my sense of time is distorted. I was released before temporal calibration was completed – part of my sentence.”

“Sentence? I’m sorry – you’re not making sense. Could I, perhaps, speak to your manager?”

“No! Listen to me,” he replied, his face filling the screen. Something in the eyes held Yrtl fast, like a butterfly on a pin. “You must help me.

“Who…who are you?” managed Yrtl. “What do you want?”

“My name,” the stranger replied, “is Provost Kohl. And I am a prisoner here.”


“Why Heaven, of course.”

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  1. Avatar Drake West

    Now it begins…the real story of heaven, the prison

  2. Avatar Pablo Vilas

    Awright! Inside view of the coming assault on Heaven.

Inspired by

Yrtl’s initial reaction, forgivable he hoped, was to beat on the walls and shout for help. But of course, the Seal of the Confessional ...

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