What a Day

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He was tired.
Then again, he was always tired.
It wasn’t that today had been a particularly bad day at the office. All in all it had been productive, what with the Aliens from the Orion system had gotten their shipment of strange bobbleheads on time, and he had closed the processor deal with those weird little people from one of Jupiter’s forty some odd moons.
But still he felt unfulfilled. He was missing something, or maybe something was taken from him by long nine to five cubicle life.
Raising his hand, he scanned into the apartment he shared with his wife, who was off on some conference for her art this week.
Inside it felt empty, even though the dog ran up to him carrying her leash so that he would take her out.
What was missing? Maybe he would never know, or was too dumb to figure it out.
That last thought haunted him as he took the dog back inside and went to the fridge.
Sitting in the glowing light he saw a blue bag his wife had packed him.

And finally he realized what he was missing:

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