Frame 313

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Hilda, at the Ehrlich console, watched the chronoframes clicking by, her finger on the DELETE key.

“Now,” said Blake.

She hesitated, and remembered.


“You’re quite sure?” said Brom, the ministry man sent to hold up the Government’s end.

“Yes,” said Blake, “we resect precisely that frame, and…”

“History is rewritten; the world changes around us?”


“I wish I had your confidence – remember Oslo."

“A successful intervention – our calculations show global GDP now 3% higher than the alternative iteration where the edit was not made.”

“2 million died.”

“And how many more millions spared a life of poverty as a result?”

Brom nodded. “Very well – make your edit. But let us hope that the world in which we find ourselves is more forgiving than this one.”


“Now,” said Blake.

“I can’t,” said Hilda, recoiling on the brink of paradox – for she knew that, in so doing, she herself would cease to exist.

“Very well.” He leaned across and pressed the key himself.

Too late, Hilda realized her mistake.

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Bizarre but still feels all too possible in terms of over-confident government people who assume to know how best to “fix” things.

  2. Avatar Adukes

    That’s interesting. I’m curious to know what the world will be like.

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