The Return of Steele: Return

Avatar Author: Asgardian I like to think that I can write. I have a lot of ideas and they rang from love stories, to sci-fi and fantasy, from family friendly to pure sexual escapades. Please enjoy. Read Bio

Maya was laying on the roof of the Lynchwood train station when she heard foot steps behind her. Lilith crawled up beside her, and whispered, “What’ve we got?” Maya looked back down the street. “Six waves of bandits have gone down that street,” she said pointing halfway down the main road of the town, “and two more came in from the caves. None have come back. Who ever’s on that shuttle, they are the most badass badass of all badasses.”

Lilith ran a few scenarios in her head, working out a plan. “Do you got the ‘Bee’?” “Yea.” “Okay, you go in by the bank. I’ll swing around to the other end of town. You’re the distraction, I’ll see what has kicked the Rakk hive,” Lilith said as the pair slid off the roof. They landed with a quiet thud and started to move towards their positions.

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Lilith was chilli’n in Moxxi’s bar, playing slots and flirting with the sexy bar owner. She had decided to take a break from the ...

The Return of Steele: Return by Asgardian

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