Knock Knock

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Finding a usable entryway on a ship the size of a small city when your own ship is the size of an RV is deceptively difficult. Rachel’s ship was made to work nicely with all the existing docking standards, and a few esoteric choices as well. As a courier her ship needed to play nice with the maximum available number of ships, as she’d a policy of taking work from anyone with money.

The computer beeped to gain Rachel’s attention, and when that didn’t work it beeped again. This continued until Rachel finally stopped gaping at the sheer size of the ship before her. There was, the computer reported, a full hangar, but it was sealed shut. The computer had detected a few airlocks as well, but curiously the ship lacked the ability to dock with any of them. There was also, according to this, a small array of what had once been escape pod launch tubes which were vacant at the moment and, as a result, could be docked with. Sort of. It was not a recommended course of action.

Rachel started the docking sequence.

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Too cool. I like it. Very sci-fi but very grounded as well, the whole idea of having a ship engineered to have compatible docking capability—like a space travel equivalent of having a USB, mini-USB, ethernet, and SD card ports on your laptop. Telling and amusing transition at the end between it not being a recommended course of action and her doing it anyway.

  2. Avatar Ford Dent

    Thanks! I’m trying to ground the spaceship bits in something vaguely approximating reality, so it is good to know it’s working at least a little.

  3. Avatar JonB

    …spinning into a good, old-fashioned Mary-Celeste-in-space type yarn. I like Rachel’s recklessness.

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