Marquess of Aldsage

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“My Lord, a letter has arrived from the Queen herself.”

The Most Honorable Nydale Marquess of Aldsage muttered an oath as he sat up in bed. “At this hour?”

“It’s noon, My Lord.”

Nydale shot a glare at his valet and snatched the official letter from him. He had not slept well after he had gotten home from the local tavern. He hadn’t even bothered to change his clothes before collapsing in bed the night before. His bloodshot eyes scanned the letter once and then twice before he vaulted out of bed.

“Maximilian, call for an assembly in my courtyard for all men 18 and up.”

His valet nodded with wary eyes, “May I ask as to the nature of the assembly, My Lord?”

“The Queen has asked for help in the capture and execution of a notorious thief, Maximilian. The reward for doing so is very enticing.”

“The reward?” Maximilian asked as he held out a cloak for Nydale.

“The promise of a beautiful and extremely rich bride. It is an offer I would never pass up. I don’t foresee any problems with such a task.”

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Neat character here. The temptation of a bride seems to be working nicely. Definitely telling that he puts the emphasis on the ‘extremely rich’ part.

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