The Fab Four

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“That’s exactly what I mean,” blustered the Blightmaster, wondering what alpaca lips looked like. If these horsemen showed up before the fight was over, which, judging by the progress made so far, wasn’t unlikely, he’d need to recognize them right away. If alpaca lips didn’t look a lot different from normal lips, he’d have to find another way to recognize them, and he didn’t care to pursue that line of thought right now.

“So, first Conquest,” Doctor Wonder thought aloud.

“Bastard can’t ev’n count,” the Blightmaster growled.

“Then War,” continued the Doctor.

“Like that’s going to stick,” his opponent snorted. “I’ve yet to get paid for it. They always want me to pay them for it,” he muttered morosely.

“HE PAYS THEM FOR IT,” the little boy, concerned that the crowd might have missed something, repeated.

The Doctor was counting on his fingers. “And Famine.”

“Y’leave my family out of this,” blared the villain.

“And finally, Death.”

“You think it’s fine? Then come ‘n git it.”

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  1. Ahfl_icon THX 0477

    Worst super-showdown ever. They should both be ashamed. I loved the kid reiterating that he pays them for it, double entendre and all. Fun continuation of the overall super-farce.

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