Ascension II: Charms

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Of all the races sharing Juno’s alien enclave, the quadrimanians were the most feared. This was because their four hands gave them all sorts of advantages over humans; for example, in voting, doing handstands, changing diapers and applauding.

In fact, tho, quadrimanian men were mostly klutzes. It’s all most men can do to keep track of two hands without slamming one in a drawer. Only women have the brainpower to deal with such an endowment and turn it to their advantage.

So, Captain Llarenos and her crew were intrigued by Reckall, a dexterous four-armed male. Llarenos gladly dispatched Ishikawa and the rescued rebels and soldiers to Juno Station in her pinnace so she could concentrate on the lieutenant, before whom her own officers were shamelessly flaunting their supernumerary charms. Reckall struggled on with the rescue, his visor obscured by lipstick and the back of his armor collecting sultry innuendos and phone numbers.

Ishikawa went to see Threeworld’s business agent. There was work to do.

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  1. Avatar HSAR

    I don’t know what you saying before about struggling with nautical aliens. This stuff is absolute gold.

  2. Avatar JonB

    Nice to see a lighter side to the tin man – I wonder what they’d make of the thing inside the armoured shell?

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