Ascension II: Keep Your Mark Close...

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The ductwork provided no access to any hidden spaces. Pitcher crawled for a few minutes toward a terminus. He knew that his escape was merely a delay for the crawlers. He had to vacate JS fast.

A light bounced off the Carbonium pipes and Pitcher followed. He heard voices and peered out, an empty garage. He worked on the grating while a group of three came into view.


Impossible thought Pitcher, but his photographic memory never failed. It was his mark, but he was with 2 others and with all the heat on him above, this was no way to operate. His mind raced. Luck was with him as the man who was leading them to his vehicle was a well known member of Hamsa and was most likely leading them to death.

The third member of the group stumbled into the grate housing and that drew attention to Pitcher. He took the moment and burst through it and draw his pistol. The Hamsa member drew his, but Pitcher fired first and ventilated his target’s cranium.

“I just saved your lives, you can thank me later.”

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  1. Avatar Pablo Vilas

    I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a getaway today!

  2. Avatar Drake West

    Now how does Ishikawa get what he wants, and not dead…

  3. Avatar JonB

    Well, that took me by surprise. A lucky escape for Ishikawa – perhaps.

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