Ascension II: The Sky's the Limit

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Pitcher’s jaw rattled and his required answer rattled his mind.


He looked around where he was:

Heading into orbit in a stolen Jump Tender
Fleeing multiple confirmed public kills
Moderate loss of blood
Impaired use of right arm
Beholden to kill target

The last one really irked Pitcher. Noting that Ishikawa was the only pilot on board and that soon the USNE would be notified that we are a stolen ship, Pitcher had lost control. The Jump Tender was a mid-sized ship, probably with a standard crew of 15+ people, none of the roles he could fill.

Seemingly Ishikawa was performing all these tasks himself. What was his plan?

“Hey, killer, can you handle the NavComm?” asked his target. “You are good with a pistol, but can you plot me some coordinates to the far side of Juno?”

“I can do that, let him be.” injected Schwartz.

“Ok, anyone will do just make it fast, I have some crew to pick up.” Ishikawa, ever positive, smiled as he initiated a right banking turn.


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  1. Avatar Pablo Vilas

    Hehehe, ripping him apart.

  2. Avatar JonB

    Pitcher’s perpetual lack of control over his own situation is amusing.

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